Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Buzzam Takes Radio from Broadcast to "ExactCast"

Oklahoma City – Oct. 16, 2012 – Buzzam Radio, a personalized, activity- and location-aware radio app developed by an Oklahoma City software startup, is now available in the iTunes store.

“Millions have become frustrated with ‘old school’ broadcast, and have abandoned radio entirely for services like Pandora,” said Greg Starling, president and COO of Buzzam. “The problem with Internet radio services is that they omit critical elements of radio like news, weather, commentary, and other entertainment. Buzzam curates the best of the traditional radio experience, together with your favorite music, then brings other textual content like Facebook and Twitter updates into an audio stream customized for each user.”

Using LTE technologies, cloud-based delivery systems, and GPS-enabled smartphones, Buzzam moves the broadcast market to the new world of “ExactCast,” where users create a personalized feed of exactly what unique music, social feeds, news, weather, and traffic they want.

“Streamlined personalization is a growing expectation for consumers,” said Josh Wright, CEO of Buzzam. “People design their own clothing, computers, furniture, food, and cars online. There are personalized digital magazines and books, cars that read text messages, and 3D printers that can build almost anything. So we thought, ‘Why shouldn’t your radio be custom, too?’”

Key Features

  • Text-based reader for social feeds
  • Music aggregation from sources like Spotify and personal music libraries
  • Opt-in location-based and activity-aware traffic and weather advice using GPS technology
  • Unprecedented accuracy for advertisers to target specific demographics (for example, a 21-year-old driving in a particular direction, within a specific distance from a business)
Buzzam is now available for free in the iTunes Store.

“Our goal is to perfect radio,” said Starling. “From radio’s humble beginnings more than 100 years ago, Buzzam can now ExactCast everything you want to hear into one place, when and where you want.”

About Buzzam

Buzzam aggregates vast audio content choices into a personalized radio-station experience. Its patent-pending technology allows users to choose from dozens of major information sources, which are then combined with personal music sources to create a unique listening experience. The company was founded by CEO Josh Wright and COO Greg Starling in 2011 and is based in Oklahoma City. For more information, please visit

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