Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FM Atlas-21 Now Available

The 21st edition of FM Atlas is now available for purchase from FM Atlas Publishing. Here is some information on the new edition from the author, Bruce Elving:

For ease in ordering the 21st edition FM Atlas, call 1-800-605-2219. For some reason, we were without that service for a few weeks, maybe months, but were charged for it.

Here's what fellow WTFDA people are saying about the new FM Atlas:
  • It's "an incredible reference covering nearly every station in North America. . . . Every FM station is noted [on] maps and in databases sorted by frequency and location. It’s all here: antenna height, power, SCA sub-carrier info, and promotional catch-phrases. Even low powered FM translators are included. I can only say good things about your work. The amount of detail is phenomenal. . . . Consider the convenience of using your book in a car as opposed to using a computer! Each edition becomes well-loved and dog-eared and lasts nearly forever. I'm amazed how gracefully you dance with the map portrayals. So logical! What fascinates me is how adept you are at taking a huge technical group picture that is so accurate. I'm just so glad that you keep at it! Again, my congratulations on another gem” ( K.Z., ABC-TV, retired, Katonah NY).
  • “I have enjoyed the FM Atlas for about 30 years now!” (David B., Wyoming DE).
  • “Thanks again for keeping the FM Atlas alive” (R.R., London ON).
  • FM Atlas-21, all 288 pages of it, arrived. . . . It made me think back to that magical time during the '70s and '80s when I would eagerly wait for each new edition, and excitedly tear open the package and then spend hours and hours examining it page by page” (N. L., Atlanta).
Remember, this is the new edition, out just in time for the skip and tropo DX seasons of 2010. Just $19.95 per copy plus $2.05 shipping from FM Atlas, PO Box 336, Esko MN 55733-0336. (Canadians kindly remit by postal money order in U.S. funds.) We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Call 1-800-605-2219; e-mail